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Adventure Vault

General Rules for the Knights of Chaos adventure vault:

1. All members are totally in their own right to do whatever they want with their adventures, be it trade it in Guild, sell it in TO, or whatever else. Business as usual for all members. The adventure vault is totally voluntarily to donate to and use, following these guidelines.

2. The Knights of Chaos adventure vault is hosted by the Guild Officers.

5. The Knights of Chaos adventure vault is totally transparent. Any changes due to donations or withdrawals will be immediately updated and change logs sent to leaders for update on forum page.

6. No adventure taken out of the Knights of Chaos vault can ever be sold for profit, either in the Guild or outside. No system is perfect, but please respects the generosity of those that contribute to this, and follow the guidelines listed below.

*If you are unsure of what a lootspot is, check here .

Guidelines for donating to the adventure vault:

1. All things related to the adventure vault most go via mail. Never use whisper on this. Preferably give mails you send regarding this topic the subject heading “Adventure Vault,” so that they are easily sorted from other mails.

2. Make a trade to any officer with the adventure you want to donate for one fish. The Officer will confirm the donation shortly (after receiving the mail and updating logs) but no compensation will be paid out at this point.

3. The Officer will update the vault’s list of adventures, its transaction log and adventure cue. The up to date vault can be seen below.

4. You will “own” the adventure until it’s been sold. That means that, if you later change your mind and want to have the adventure back, simply mail the Officer who has it and he/she will return it to you for one fish. (Provided it hasn’t been sold, in which case you would already have received the reward for it).

5. Rewards will be handed out when someone withdraws your donated adventure from the vault. For one player adventure the reward is 5-50 Basket buffs, (depending on the adventure, as indicated on the vault sheet) and for two+ player adventure you will be offered the Lootspot* in it. In the case of the baskets, the Officer will visit your island and buff buildings of your choice. In the case of the lootspot, the Officer will send a mail informing you that you are to expect an invitation shortly from the member that withdrew your adventure from the vault.

*If you are unsure of what a lootspot is, check here

Guidelines for taking out an adventure from the vault:

1. All requests for adventures must be done via mail. This is to ensure “first come, first served” principle. No adventure vault requests are to be conducted in whisper – MAIL ONLY!!!.

2. Mail your requested adventure to the Officer that has it, preferable with the subject heading “Adventure Vault” so to make it easier to separate vault related mails from the other “junk” in the inbox.

3. If you take out an adventure from the vault, your intention must be to play it right away, not to store it till you perhaps finish whatever adventure you are currently doing, and play it a week later. Of course, one has to have the time to build up the troops before starting it, but adventure you take out must be the main focus of your troop building.

4. If you are requesting a one player adventure, it’s simple. If in stock the Officer will sell you the adventure for the required baskets, and then personally take care of rewarding the donator. If you are requesting a 2+ player adventure, the Officer will send a mail to the donator, so that he/she is informed that an invitation for a lootspot* is to be expected soon (including from whom that invitation should come from).

5. If, for some reason, the donator of a 2+ adventure has not responded to the lootspot invitation (donator may have been away for some days), and a started adventure is nearing to its close., you are required to inform the leaders of the situation so that they can appoint a suitable substitute lootspot candidate. Any 2+ player taken from the vault, finished without a lootspot player, is considered a waste of resources and may lead to “denied” for further request from vault.

6. Some higher-end adventure may not lend them self to having a lootspot player in them, but rather require all to be actively taking part. In those cases it is perfectly fine to contact the donator and work out a bi-lateral trade arrangement, as long as it’s done with a “Fair market price”.

Play fair and have fun, all.

(Special thanks to G_O_L_D and Nobis of RAP for allowing us to hijack their idea)