The Knights of Chaos Guild Website

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1) Complete your daily guild quests and post on the guild website when the quest is finished - only posted completions will count in the guild quest draw

2) Respect the Guild Officers and other Guild members

3) Help out your fellow guildmates, always trade below market value, exchanging buffs is encouraged, swap lootspots to complete guild quests

4) Talk in guild chat, Guild chat is pegi 18

5) Try your best to stay active and inform Meekah or Glove if you are planning to be inactive for more than a few days

6) Do not ask for free resources if you plan on selling them outside of the guild for a profit only ask for resouces you plan to use yourself

7) Follow the chat rules in world chat

8) If you fall below 70% guild quest completion you will receive a warning mail and have one week to bring your ratio up.  If you are unable to finish a quest in time before the rest of the guild completes it and want credit for that day you may pay the guild coins that you receive for that day to Glove or Meekah to be credited with completion. Those coins will be added to the guild pool and used for guild quest draw and other contests

9) If a member is inactive for a period covering 7 consecutive quests they will be kicked. If they later return to actively playing and wish to re-join they will be welcome, if space allows. This rule does not apply to members who inform Glove or Meekah of planned inactivity.

If you violate any of the above rules you may be kicked from the guild.